Best Autoresponder Service - Autoresponder Review

Best Autoresponder Service - Autoresponder Review

A Good Autoresponder Service Loaded With An Effective Email Campaign Is Like Having A License To Print Money - The Most Valuable, But Misused Tool In Network Marketing Today.


I have used and tested many autoresponder services from Pro Autoresponder, Robot Reply, Aweber, Post Master, 1Shopping Cart, SendFree, G-Lock, MailChimp, iContact and Get Response... Just to name a few.

What I've found is that...

Obviously we all know that email marketing today is in the middle of a war between the service providers, spammers, and good honest marketers. 

Back in early 2002 pretty much any autoresponder service could be used as a tool where you could load up a list of 20,000 to 200,000 prospects, blast out your message, and generate some leads. As you probably already know those days are long gone. 

The biggest change to hit autoresponder services in recent years has been the required opt-in function. This means that you can no longer load a pre-existing list of contacts into your autoresponder service of choice, even if they have IP stamps, time/date etc... 

The vast majority of networkers do not have an existing subscriber list so you may be looking for an autoresponder service that will allow you to go buy 20,000 opt-in opportunity leads, load them into your autoresponder service, and blast out an email about your business. Let me just tell you now to save your time, money, and your reputation...

If you do have a contact list or opt-in leads, 9 out of 10 of the major autoresponder services today will require you to use a "list cleaning" message, which means that the people on your list have to opt-in a 2nd time to your new autoresponder service. It's not going to happen... I've seen people go from 15,000+ loyal subscribers to less than 1,500 over night because of this issue. 

After much testing, the service I have finally settled on for most of my sites is
1ShoppingCart; Although I still use and recommend Aweber's autoresponder service for my team training emails as well as for several other newsletters. 

The reason I recommend
1ShoppingCart is that it can grow with your business. They offer a fully loaded autoresponder service at their bottom level, but they also offer full merchant services and e-product delivery if you want to market your own products online some day. They even offer full fledged affiliate program creation so you can start you own affiliate program if you so desired.

This is the service that all of the top internet marketers currently use because of their functionality and great delivery rate. 

This expandable service is critical because the last thing you want to have to do is build a massive contact list in one autoresponder service, and then have to try and transfer it over to another autoresponder service down the road.

On a similar note, Aweber is a great autoresponder service as well and their deliverabilty rate is bar-none head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.  Right now they are also offering a trial option where you can test-drive their autoresponder service for a full 30 days for only $1. 

Another great feature about Aweber is that if you are looking to create a series of recruiting sales letters for your group; Aweber has a fantastic letter share feature which allows you to automatically populate your new team member's account with your already pre-written Instant Sales Letters.

(Make sure you subscribe to our FREE MLM Marketing Mastery Training Course for step-by-step details on how to create a massive contact list fast...) 

REMEMBER: My main point here is to pick an autoresponder service that you will want to stick with for many years because once you start building your list, it may be difficult to switch providers. (Sometimes a phone call to the company owner will help you side-step the "list cleaning" requirement that would otherwise destroy all your hard work).  So again, be sure to plan ahead when picking an autoresponder service and make sure that they have the expandability you will be looking for in the future as your business grows.

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